"She is wonderful.  You gave her a great start, thank you all!!"

"Great with kids!!!"

"He's super super sweet."

"You've done a fantastic job socializing him and he is coming when called."

"She is such a cutie!!  She loves to snuggle and we are fighting over her."

"He is doing great.  Very smart."

"She is making it easy to train her.  She really is something else."

"...wow she is so smart."

"He comes when called, loves to be with us, plays fetch, sleeps well."

"She is perfect!!  She is such a great puppy!!"

"He has been the best puppy!"

"He's a beautiful pup!"

"She is definitely a keeper.  We are so in love."

"...we are so so thankful we have her."

"Thank you so much, he's a sweetheart!"