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©2019 by Cause of Our Joy Goldenoodles.


"She is wonderful.  You gave her a great start, thank you all!!"

"Great with kids!!!"

"He's super super sweet."

"You've done a fantastic job socializing him and he is coming when called."

"She is such a cutie!!  She loves to snuggle and we are fighting over her."

"He is doing great.  Very smart."

"She is making it easy to train her.  She really is something else."

" she is so smart."

"He comes when called, loves to be with us, plays fetch, sleeps well."

"She is perfect!!  She is such a great puppy!!"

"He has been the best puppy!"

"He's a beautiful pup!"

"She is definitely a keeper.  We are so in love."

"...we are so so thankful we have her."

"Thank you so much, he's a sweetheart!"